Buyers & Tenat Info

Buyer’s Tips

1.Arrange your loan approval by speaking with your lending institution orbank.

2. Maintain a list of potential properties you may be interested and ensure that it is affordable and that suits your needs.

3. Research recent sales in those areas. Inspecting and attending auctions in the area will help you make an informed view of the surrounding area.

4. Contact Sales agent for further advice and register for property email alerts and receive new listings one the market.

5. When you find a property that suits your requirements, ask agentto send a copy of the sale contract to your solicitor or conveyancer.

6. Get peace of mind  by arranging a Building and Pest Inspection Report. Such may assist you in identifying any major defects and pest concerns eg: cracking,    dampness, white ant, termites.They also provide you with estimates.

7. Speak to your solicitor or conveyancer regarding the sale contract

      8. Once you have advise on the contract, obtained your Building report and perhaps a valuation made recent    

          on the property. You can now make a decision to proceed with an offer on the property through the agent.

        9. When buying at an auction. Request a copy of the Bidder's Guide from the agent.

     10. Once negotiations have been finalised, a sale contract must be signed and pay the agreed deposit.

           Your deposit will be held in trust inan interest bearing account until settlement.

           Such interest is split betweenvendor and buyer.

     11. Prior to settlement day, request a final or a pre-settlement inspection before.

            Ensure that the property contains all inclusions as per the executed contractsigned by you and that the

            property is in the same state or condition as whenyou last inspected


Tenant’s Tips

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